Shicara OngakuEdit

Shicara Ongaku

Shicara's official re-release design 2016

Shicara Ongaku 2017

Shicara Ongaku 2017 design

The Utauloid 'Shicara Ongaku' was made by the Dutch anime/vocaloid/utau Youtuber 'ErinMiku' (also known as ErinChi, on Instagram or DeviantArt). Shicara's full design and voicebank were all made in 1,5 year. So, there was enough time to work on a good biography.

Shicara Ongaku was the first released Utauloid of ErinMiku. Though, she wasn't her first Utau project or Original Character. Actually, ErinMiku had, at the time she created Shicara, six other OC's (including Kiyoko Ai, her first Utau project. Not released yet). That means that Shicara was her 7th oc. The funny thing is; Shicara wasn't really planned. Her very first drawing was a doodle in the train to London. A few months after the doodle, Erin redrew her and made her officially an OC. While searching for a name, she found the name 'Shicara', which means 7th. That was just perfect for her seventh OC.

Shicara's last name 'Ongaku' is the Japanese translation for 'Music'. So her names together means; "The 7th music". Though, there is a little secret behind Shicara's names. 'Shicara Ongaku' is not the full name. In total, Shicara has 7 names. Her full name is: 'Shicara Ren Yumi Ongaku Chiya Ai Merodii', which means; 'The 7th Pure and Wonderful Music, A forever loved melody'. ErinMiku: "I think it's important to give your character something from yourself. It's your very own project, you can choose all the ways and there are no rules"  

Concept Edit

Shicara's first song was Splatter Party. It was a cover with the Utauloid 'Yoru Yuki'(made by Nekopuri <3).Shicara's official


Splatter Party with Yoru Yuki

release, which came out on 26 august 2016, was with the demo 'Transparency Elegy'. Actually, also her release wasn't really planned. That's all because Shicara's Voicebank (CV only) was earlier done then expected. ErinMiku didn't voiced Shicara herself. The voiceactor for her is Nekopuri <3 (YouTube name), that also explains why Yuki and Shicara sound so simular. The difference between their voices is that Shicara sound more robotic. The full design with the clothing and personality was created by ErinMiku herself. Though, her appearance, and also personality, changed a lot in one year. She became more original.

Appearance Edit

Shicara Ongaku's re-release was the song ODDS and ENDS. It was a song to actually show people that she may be 'low quality' but still able to sing. ErinMiku: "I always had this quote in mind. It doesn't matter how you or it looks like, what you are supposed to do, what others think is pretty, you think you can do nothing, or what people expect of you; EVERYBODY can create something beautiful. Ofcourse at first it was my idea to make Shicara high quality and 'the best utau around', but i see now that that isn't really it. It's just for fun and I love my little child, so I don't care if others don't like her"

^225BE33EC72E325B11C7363D1F15FE0983BA4C6098D33DA632^pimgpsh fullsize distr

Shicara in old design, drew by Nekopuri <3

-UTAU LIVE HOLOGRAM- Unhappy Refrain (Nala Chan chorus Shicara Ongaku03:53

-UTAU LIVE HOLOGRAM- Unhappy Refrain (Nala Chan chorus Shicara Ongaku

First MMD model of Shicara by Caname Miku

ErinMiku couldn't stop adding more "secret details". The un-official sketch in the train wasn't that detailed. She was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with a salmon pink cape over it. Her skirt was simple pink with a darker pink stripe along it. It was a 'half body' drawing so you couldn't see her shoes yet. After making Shicara an official Utauloid, her design changed a bit for the first time. Her long-sleeved shirt changed into a top with armwarmers in the same color (inspired by Hatsune Miku). On the (for her) left armwarmer is the Character Code, which is L-OC 7. The 'L' stands for 'Londen' (to think back on the amazing holiday in England). After about one year, ErinMiku decided to redraw Shicara's official art. She kept seeing faults in her old drawing. The drawing for her re-release is posted on the DeviantArt of Erin. Shicara's hair is in a very low ponytail now and the colour is a lot lighter. Also; she has an on/off button on her skirt now to give her a more 'Electric' and 'Robotic' design just like her voice. In the 2017 update, Shicara got a nice pair of overknees and her extreme long hair is back. Soon, there will be a MMD model of Shicara to show her new technical details. ErinMiku: "I gave Shicara a lot of things but it's difficult to show in a drawing. Things like the light-up headphones. The pink heart on her headphones reacts on her voice and lights up when she starts singing. A friend will make a MMD model of Shicara soon. She made a Shicara model before, but in another outfit. I'm not that good with MMD to be honest"

Personality and Relations Edit

The personality is the thing that changed the most by Shicara. After 'Splatter Party', ErinMiku thought it was cool make Shicara a Yandere. But while roleplaying with her, she discovered that she liked Shicara more with a hyper, pervy, cheerful character. In the 'dere' personalities, Shicara is more a 'Undere'. She always answers with yes and is scared to hurt somebody she love. She acts nice to other people and tries to help everybody.

Shicara is coupled to a few other dutch Utauloids. First ofcourse; Nekopuri with Yoru Yuki. Shicara and Yuki are good friends, they have sung for about 3 songs together now. In the future, they will sing more together. The second utau is from xXDiamondInRoughXx (YouTube) with Ayagozen Mugen. Diamond and Erin are in the same class and they worked on Ayagozen together (like; Erin made the official art for her). More information, check Aya's wikia page. But Ayagozen is not the only Utau of Diamond. Her other Utauloid, Akii Kyandi, is the little sister of Shicara. Sometimes she is a little annoying but Shicara will always love her, no matter what happens. And last but not least; MissRoompje with her Utauloid Yume Shiawasena. After the very cute cover of 'A female ninja I want to love' Shicara and Yume (And also MissRoompje and ErinMiku) became friends. Shicara is coupled to a lot more Utauloids and Utau-users ofcourse but these one's were just the most important.

Voicebank informationEdit

Shicara only has a normal CV voicebank at the moment. For downloads, click here. There will be a CV append voicebank soon! Probably there won't come a VCV voicebank because ErinMiku can't voice it herself ofcourse.

【Shicara Ongaku】Rolling Girl -UTAUカバー- + VB download03:09

【Shicara Ongaku】Rolling Girl -UTAUカバー- + VB download

Best example of Shicara's voice

Official BiographyEdit

Full Name: Shicara Ren Yumi Ongaku Chiya Ai Merodii  

Usual name: Shicara Ongaku

Name meaning: The 7th Pure and Wonderfull Music, A forever loved melody

Type: Future Human

Explanation type: Normal human but must recharge herself, half robot.

Program: Utau(loid)

Gender: Female

Age: 14 (Stays 14 forever)

Birthday: 26 October

Released: 26 August

Character code: L-OC 7

CC meaning: Londen OC 7 (7 ‘cause 7th music)

Language: English, Japanese (But has only a Japanese VB)

Lives in: Londen, but was born in Tokyo

Height: 150 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Hair color: Purple/Lila

Eyes: Green

Favorite color(s): Pink

Favorite food: Ramen

Hobbies: Singing and being with Namiya

Personality: Hyper, pervy, but sometimes shy and cute

Is afraid of: Fish XD (Stay away Luka)

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ship: ShicaraxNamiya (Shimiya)

Friends: Yoru Yuki, Namiya Taseru, Yume Shiawasena.

Brothers/Sisters: Akii Kyandi

Quote: “It’s not the result but the doing!”

Voice by: Lysanne/Nekopuri <3 (The Netherlands)

Amout VB: Normal CV, Process Append CV

Designed by: ErinMiku (The Netherlands)

Outfit details: Extreme long purple hair, Heart on Headphones,

Dots on the cap, Character Code on left armwarmer,

Tie clip with heart on it, Mic on the right side, 2 hairclips in pony,

On/off button on skirt, Pink ribbon around hair, Legband with heart.

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